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iPad Review

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PROS / Users can access nearly every tool needed through the internet capabilities.

CONS / Unlike the Demy recipe reader the iPad is not designed specifically for the kitchen and can be damaged by spills.

 VERDICT / A great multi-functional device, but not kitchen-safe.

Going beyond the realm of a typical recipe reader you will find the iPad, our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner. As opposed to the Demy recipe reader the iPad was constructed to perform a plethora of functions and was not designed as a recipe reader solely for kitchen use. The capabilities of the iPad in regards to a recipe reader allow users to access cooking tools through Apple’s unique app store available through iTunes. Users can also retrieve personal or commercial recipes from the internet with their iPad. We love using our iPad in the kitchen because it provides information on anything we need through the web, the screen is large and easy to read, and the recipe supply seems endless. We were hesitant to make this our top product for the sole reason that it is not kitchen-safe. We had the constant worry that we would spill something or that somehow the device would get ruined. Through talking with other users we found this consensus was unanimous; they love the tools and features of the iPad as a recipe reader but worry about it getting ruined in the kitchen.


Apple features a selection of memory sizes for the iPad. The smallest memory size begins at 16GB, which is still a whopping 14GB more than every other recipe reader available. From there you can also purchase a 32GB or a 64GB memory upgrade should you need even more space. If you are using the iPad solely as a recipe reader the 16GB memory will suit you just fine.

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, the iPad is not built as a kitchen-safe recipe reader. Some kitchen spills could ruin the device. The touch screen is covered by an oleophobic coating which makes it fingerprint-resistant; however, this does not make it resistant to the ingredients that may be carried from your fingers to the screen. The external material surrounding the screen is made of aluminum and glass and can be ruined if it gets wet.

The iPad weighs two pounds, which is slightly more than other recipe readers, but it is still easy to carry from place to place. The multiple viewing angles allow users to view a recipe with the screen placed horizontally or vertically. As the iPad is rotated the device will automatically change from portrait to landscape with the movement. Another feature that we will always appreciate is the ability to make text larger to accommodate the cook.


Users can retrieve tools such as a measurement converter, a substitutions list and a built-in timer through the Apple’s app store accessible through iTunes. Some apps will come at a very small fee, like one or two dollars and others will be free. The apps that provide these tools are convenient and easy; if you don’t want to purchase an app you can always browse the internet and find a solution or answer online.

Although the iPad itself does not enable users to create a categorized library of recipes, we found that we were easily able to create a library online, enter in our own recipes and retrieve them quickly using the browser on the iPad. We were able to cook using our own recipes anywhere we could take our iPad and had an internet connection.

The iPad itself does not provide a dual window viewer which makes it so two screens can be seen at one time. There are some websites that can be accessed through the iPad which provide this feature.. We enjoy cooking with sites that offer this option because we can have the ingredients and the directions open at the same time. As we scroll through the directions we can glance at the stand still window listing the ingredients and recall the measurements and ingredients we need.

Ease of Use

There are four essential buttons on the exterior of the iPad: the home button, the on/off, sleep/wake button, the volume button and the screen rotation lock button. With the exclusion of the home button, all navigation comes by using the touch screen. The iPad is very user-friendly and is built so that users can navigate easily from one tool or feature to another. If you are familiar with Apple products you will have no trouble navigating the iPad. If you are new to Apple devices you will still be able to easily navigate your way around the device, but you will want to play with it or read the manual to fully understand its capabilities. You'll also want to learn how to use its shortcuts because they make navigating the device that much easier.

Help & Support

Apple has created tutorials, a user guide, FAQs, user forums and a customer support line for users that have questions or frustrations with the product. You can access each of these help and support tools through the Apple website. We found all of the help and support tools to be well written and very detailed. We were able to gain a great deal of information through reading the documents that were available online. We also called the customer support team and appreciated that they gave us an estimated time before we were connected to the support team. Our estimated wait was 15 minutes, and in less than 10 we were connected to a rep that was very knowledgeable about the iPad. Within minutes each of our questions had been addressed and resolved.


Whether you are a Mac fanatic or not, you will thoroughly enjoy using the iPad as a recipe reader. The app store available through iTunes can provide you with recipe books, tools and features that you want in your kitchen. The drawback of purchasing the iPad as a recipe reader is that it is costs more than an average recipe reader and will cost almost double what you'd pay for the Demy recipe reader. As it is a multi-functional device it is built for a variety of activities, but cooking is not one of them. As we stated before, the only drawback to the iPad is that it is not kitchen- safe – but it is still one of our top choices for a recipe reader in features, tools and usability.

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