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Demy Review

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PROS / The Demy recipe reader is splash resistant and kitchen safe.

CONS / Once a recipe book has been created it cannot be erased from the Demy.

 VERDICT / The Demy has more to offer than any other kitchen recipe device, it is designed for the kitchen.

Without question, the Demy is the best recipe reader available today and the winner of our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award. The Demy recipe reader by Key Ingredient is the only product we reviewed that was designed specifically for kitchen use. Judging by all of the key factors that we feel make up the perfect device, the Demy recipe reader outshines its competition; the highlight for many people is its splash-resistant exterior. The only recipe reader capable of a complete wipe down after use, the Demy recipe reader can handle spills, splashes and dirty fingertips, which allows you to stress less about your recipe reader and focus more on your cooking.


The Demy flaunts a 7-inch sealed touch screen surrounded by a sturdy plastic exterior, both of which receive praises for being splash resistant. Unlike any other electronic recipe reader, the Demy recipe reader can be wiped clean after use. We were warned several times by Key Ingredients not to submerge the Demy in still water or hold it under running water; however, the device can withstand splashes and can be cleaned by wiping the touch screen or plastic shell with a damp cloth.

We found the Demy recipe reader very convenient and easy to use. At two pounds the recipe reader is heavier than its competitors, but its unique design and size allow the device to stand on its side for easy viewing. The recipe reader can be viewed as a horizontal or a vertical screen. This allowed us to view the screen standing straight up or laying back on the counter. The screen view automatically switches as the Demy is moved. The multiple screen views conveniently fit our cooking technique depending upon our recipe. For example, if we were moving around the kitchen a lot working at the counter, stove and sink versus if we were standing in one place mixing ingredients together to bake in the oven when completed.


Through the menu at the bottom of the screen, users can access a variety of cooking tools that are useful for all types of cooking. Some of the most useful tools that we found include a measurement converter, a substitutions list and three different built-in timers. Through our research we found that for a variety of reasons the adjustable font size has also become a favorite tool for many people.

The measurement converter allows cooks to modify portions from one form of measurement to another; for example, how many cups are in a pint and how many tablespoons are in a cup, etc. We were first asked to type in the starting measurement from which we selected the desired form of outcome. The result came almost immediately and the Demy displayed both forms of measurement on the screen.

We found the substitutions list extremely valuable when we were cooking and realized we didn’t have enough of a specific ingredient. We were able to select the ingredient we were missing, and it provided a list of possible substitutions. We really enjoyed the extra information that the Demy provided on the ingredients we looked up; it included details such as the function, purpose and taste of specific ingredients.

Our all-time favorite tool that the demy provided is the timers. There are three separate timers stored in the Demy which can be used simultaneously to keep track of your different cooking projects. The timers will continue to keep time for your meals even when you are accessing another feature or tool on the Demy. In other words, you can have something in the oven with the timer going while following a recipe for another dish. The three separate timers were an absolute delight and came in extremely handy for a variety of dishes and dinner parties.

Although the Demy does not provide a text-to-speech tool, there is an option that will allow you to adjust the font size to a comfortable magnitude for your needs. This tool is one of the many reasons that people are transferring their recipes to the Demy; it eliminates all eye strain due to small text or worn recipes that have been used so much they are fading.

Ease of Use

We were thrilled with the ease of navigation and clean interface on the Demy. Everything was simple to locate and easy to use. We found the majority of users agree that the recipe reader itself was very user-friendly but that entering the personal recipes was somewhat tedious.

The Demy comes with preloaded recipe books that cannot be erased from the device. To add personal recipes to the Demy, users need to log into the Key Ingredient website and add a recipe into the fields provided on the website. If you copy and paste a recipe from the web, some easily fixable formatting errors may appear. Personal recipes can’t be added to the preloaded recipe books and once you create a recipe book of your own, it can’t be erased from the Demy. You can delete recipes through the Key Ingredient website.

After playing around with the Demy and checking out its many features, we came up with just a couple things we wish the Demy would offer. For example, we found that once you created a new recipe book it cannot be erased or even renamed. We wish the Demy provided a way to erase recipe books, but we still found the device very usable and recipes very easy to access and convenient to use which fulfills its purpose.

Help & Support

Although there is no phone number or email to contact Key Ingredient, we still found their help and support the most useful and convenient way to reach a representative. Through the website users can chat with a customer service representative and get fast one-on-one help. We contacted the customer support team through chat and within a minute we were speaking live to a representative who was able to address our questions and concerns regarding the product.

In addition to the chat capabilities the website also provides FAQs, a user guide and a searchable knowledge base. We read through the user guide and the FAQs and found that they provided us with great information concerning our Demy. Although the device is already so easy to use, with the information from the manuals it became even simpler.

Once the Demy recipe reader is connected to your computer it will install the software updates automatically, which provides you with constant access to the new and most up-to-date changes. The Demy, like their competitors, offers a two-year warranty and is significantly more affordable than the other choices.


There is a noticeable gap between the Demy recipe reader and any other recipe reader available in today’s market. With the splash-resistant exterior, three built-in timers, a measurement converter and a substitutions list, the Demy keeps all essential kitchen tools at your fingertips. As the first kitchen-safe recipe device, the Demy continues to separate itself from other devices that offer some of its unique abilities but come short of the full potential.

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