• A New Recipe Reader In Town: The Kitchen Technology Center



    Merging different forms of technology is what revolutionizes our world and sparks ongoing ideas and inventions. Pandigital has taken the step to revolutionize a recipe reader and a kitchen TV through their new Kitchen Technology Center. The Kitchen Technology Center (KTC) is a 15-inch flat screen that functions as an HDTV receiver, an RSS feed for internet, a digital photo frame and, last but not least, as an electronic recipe book. We were impressed with their idea and design to combine all four popular electronics into one useful and impressive product. Because of its unique design and functionality, the KTC is in a category of its own – a combination of a kitchen recipe device and a kitchen TV.

    The idea and creation of the KTC carried with it a great deal of excitement for many people. We were eager to find out how well the product carries itself and its reputation since the release. Each of the key features associated with the KTC: the kitchen recipe device, the kitchen TV, an RSS feed internet station and the digital photo frame all come with their share of pros and cons. Because many consumers (including us) find this product to be very functional, we hope Pandigital will release a new model that has all of the kinks and bugs from the first version fixed.

    After purchase, users have access to select recipes from the magazine Bon Appetite. There is a collection of recipes preloaded onto the KTC and, although Pandigital has planned to provide more digital cookbooks already formatted for the KTC, we haven’t seen a date for when we can expect this. Users can only upload recipes to the KTC if they are saved as a JPEG, and even then there are many steps users must take to make that happen.

    Through our research we found that several users truly appreciated the HDTV capabilities. The 15.6-inch screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768. The HDTV can be connected to a satellite, cable, a PC or a DVD player. We found that external speakers were a must with this product as the sound capabilities were very minimal.

    Because this device is WiFi-enabled we were hoping to find an internet station that allowed us to check our email more conveniently. We were devastated to find that the internet capabilities for the KTC allow only an RSS feed with no internet browsing abilities. The KTC allows users to use FrameIt or Picasa for their RSS feed. Once set up, some sites will work flawlessly with the KTC while others may provide slight trouble.

    The digital photo frame will allow users to stream photos from their Picasa account to the KTC. If you want to store a selection of pictures on the KTC you will be required to install the yahoo widget which will make it possible for you to access the unit and transfer your chosen pictures. We found the Picasa option to be the most user friendly choice if you want to get setup quickly.

    Overall we still feel like the Kitchen Technology Center has opened new doors for advanced kitchen technology. The KTC is a great product that many users are very pleased with. Although it will not replace the best recipe readers like the Demy recipe reader, the iPad, the Kindle or the Nook for some, others will be completely satisfied with the product. The screen is large enough for anyone to see and when a spill happens, it is easy to clean. The product has three face options to more easily match the décor of your kitchen: steel, black or white. It can also be placed on a counter, under a cabinet or on the wall. For a revolutionary product that combines popular technologies of today, the Kitchen Technology Center has opened new doors; however, until the next model is announced we recommend selecting a kitchen recipe reader that allows you to upload your own personal recipes with greater ease.

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