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Recipe Reader Review

Why Recipe Readers?

That's exactly the question that recipe readers provide the perfect answer for. The electronic readers make it possible for you to store and categorize all of your recipes in one portable device for easy access and split-second search ability. We have taken the time to compare digital recipe eBook readers to find the best readers for cooking purposes.

Recipe Reader: What Should It Provide?

There are several key functions that you should look for in your personal reader. The top feature we found most users desire is for their recipe reader to be splash and spill resistant. This feature provides a calm assurance that if you accidentally knock over your liquid measuring cup, sending the liquid across the counter and onto your device, you haven’t ruined it. You can easily wipe off your device, clean up the spill and continue on through the recipe. The best recipe readers are designed to add ease – not stress – into your cooking.

The key features we highlighted in our reviews encompass the design of each reader. The design includes what the device is made of, storage capacity, size, weight and additional capabilities. The features are important because there is more to each device than what meets the eye. Of course you want an attractive device, but you should also want one that will provide adequate storage and the screen functions vital for easier cooking.

We compiled a list of tools that we felt were strong indicators to the effectiveness of each device. We searched for kitchen-specific tools like a measurement converter, built-in timers and a substitutions list. We also compared tools created for your comfort. For example, text-to-speech abilities, adjustable font size and a personal library can all add to your cooking experience.

Ease of Use
By using the recipe readers ourselves and discussing the navigation and design with other users we ranked each product according to its ease of use. We looked for a device that anyone can pick up and operate with little or no stress. We also evaluated how easy it was to upload and categorize personal recipes.

Help & Support
Just as important as the quality of any product is the company that stands behind it. We are continually looking at each company’s help and support resources as we determine what ranking a product will receive. If a company provides contact information yet never responds to an inquiry, we will dock them in our ranking.

Covering each of the above criteria we have designed a side-by-side comparison that highlights the features and tools of each recipe reader available in today’s market. Through using the categories mentioned above we found the Demy kitchen safe touchscreen recipe reader, the iPad and the Kindle to be the choice products for a recipe reader. To find additional information you can view articles related to recipe readers. These articles have been designed to help you know if a recipe reader is right for you and which one is the best choice for your kitchen. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to check out the pros and cons of even the best recipe readers.

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